Eyelid Surgery-Types

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Designed to remove fat accumulationas well as excess muscle and skin from the eyelids through surgical procedure is a known as blepharoplasty or eyelid job. The surgical procedure can be performed either on the upper and lower eyelids or can be performed on both the eyelids according to the patient’s requirement. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure suitable and recommended to individuals who desire to look elegant even as they mature. To those individuals who seek to appear alert, have clear refreshed eyes this is the best option. In order to enhance the appearance of eyelids there are three types of surgery as discussed below: If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit ทําตาสองชั้น.

Lower Eyelid Surgery: The lower eyelid job is a surgical procedure that helps in removing the puffiness located in the lower eyelid area. Many people refer to it as “eye bags” and they appear under the eye region. The cause of such excess skin and accumulation of excess fat may be an outcome of various factors, one of them being aging. A person appears tired, older and fatigued if there is accumulation of fat and skin in the area around the eyes. Lower eyelid surgery serves to regain your alert and youthful appearance.

Upper Eyelid Surgery: Two common types of problem areas can be corrected by the upper eyelid surgery. The first problem area being is the excess skin affecting the upper eyelid which is often known as “upper eyelid hooding”. The next problem area that the upper eyelid surgery improves is the puffiness in the inner corner and middle of the upper eyelid. The heriniation of fat mainly causes this problem. This kind of surgery can improve the overall look and along with that serve to prevent eye-sight problems.

Asian Eyelid Surgery: Asian eyes vary from the western eyes, hence the Asian surgical procedure is designed specifically to improve the appearance of Asians. The anatomical structure of the orbital septum is where the difference lies between the Asian and western eyelids. The layer of the eyes that is responsible for holding back the fat is known as orbital septum. This layer extends further down towards the margin of the eyelids with Asian eyes. The Asian eyelid job is more similar to the traditional type of eyelid operation. Asian eyelid surgery is also known as the Asian blepharoplasty or the double eyelid operation. If you have certain queries or doubts about undergoing an eye surgery you may opt for a consultation with your selected surgeon who will clear all your doubts.


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