Note on Relationship Tips

Image result for relationshipThose who have a healthy relationship with the partner are more likely to have a happy life. Maintaining a healthy relationship is important. Here are some useful tips. Negative criticism is directed towards your partner’s overall character in a way that places blame firmly in his or her court. If you let your bad feelings and criticisms of your partner build up over time, you may begin to feel real disdain for him or her. When this happens, you can end up resenting your partner on a very personal level. At such times, criticisms tend to become even more insulting and directed at your partner’s actual character. You may even begin throwing around harsh words in an effort to wound your partner. If you find yourself saying cruel things that you’d never want turned around on you, try neutralizing your disdain by communicating a more specific, accurate, and actionable complaint. Manipulating your partner with harsh words is sure to make matters worse. Rather than directing the complaint at your partner, sometimes it is helpful to communicate how the situation affects you.Kindly visit relationship tips to find more information.

When you or your partner feels personally attacked, you’re likely to respond by being defensive. Strategies of defense include making up excuses, denying responsibility, retaliating with a counterattack, and whining. There are so many ways that a person can act defensively that it is difficult to say exactly how it may manifest in you or your partner. However, one thing consistent across different types of defensiveness is the feeling that you’ve been painted in a bad light and need to explain yourself or your actions. If you find yourself feeling this way, you can bet you are acting defensively. Although it can be hard, try to think objectively at times like these. Owning up to your responsibilities and making room for your partner’s perspectives can go a long way to diffusing any dispute.Image result for relationship

When you, your partner, or both of you feel attacked by the other, it can seem hopeless to try to defend yourself. At these times, you may be inclined to retreat rather than participating in either the argument or the relationship as a whole. During tough times, you should watch for this reaction in yourself and your partner. Non-participation tends to manifest itself by turning a person into a blank slate or disturbingly neutral. Non-participants just check out and might even stop communicating completely. And if you’re not communicating, chances are you and your partner can’t resolve the issues that got you in this predicament in the first place. While a little separation from the situation can be healthy, ultimately it is usually best try to try to sort out the problem directly. But these are just some of the negative patterns to watch for. There are a number of positive communication traits that are equally as important to pay attention to any relationship to thrive. Just as you can learn to watch for and avoid negative patterns, you can also learn to watch for and offer forth these positive patterns and ways of communicating.



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