Punchout Catalogs- Benefits

Related imageEver wonder why some suppliers seem to “own” the market when it comes big customers and government purchasing? It is not because they’re any smarter, more talented or better looking than you. It is because of one key choice they make when doing business with bigger groups of buyers: The technical protocols that are used to connect to e-procurement (or purchasing) systems are known by a few different names, but the most common is called, “PunchOut”. PunchOut connections have been a kind of “secret weapon” for some of the largest and most profitable suppliers in the world.¬†Visit punchout catalogs¬†for more details.

PunchOut connections allow buyers to order from your “PunchOut Catalog” from right within their own e-procurement system. Put in a simpler way, PunchOut catalogs make it easier for customers to do business with you. But there are some hidden benefits that few, if any, of those who profit from PunchOut ever talk about publicly. You can be sure that “they” talk about them… on the golf course and over a cigar in smoky back rooms. If you’re considering making yourself PunchOut capable, then pay attention here… because you’re about to uncover PunchOut’s greatest benefit. Here’s what the big guys “get” that you likely have never thought of: When it comes to e-procurement connections, it is not reallyabout providing your customer a technology solution… it is about capitalizing on one of most convenient and affordable marketing opportunitiesavailable anywhere.

Think about it… one of the greatest challenges of marketing is the struggle to get your customer’s attention. And that’s why successful businesses invest so much money in advertising and marketing. It is the 3 “E’s” – exposure, exposure, exposure. Why are exposure and attention so important? It is simple; you have no chance of customers buying from you if they’re not aware you exist. Now picture this… e-procurement systems are predominantly used by organizations with large numbers of buyers. And in the case of government organizations, those buyers number in the thousands. Not only that, but where the actual consumer of the product has access to the e-procurement system (in order to view the products they want so they can submit requests to the buyers), that number grows to tens of thousands. And there’s where it starts getting good…


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