Quantity Surveying – Insights

In the world of multi million dollar business ventures, the role of a quantity surveyor has never been greater. These men and women are involved in every level of construction from the cost outs to the hiring of sub contractors. They are in high demand world wide and the demand for them only continues to grow. Learn more about this at Quantity Surveying Bristol .

A quantity surveyors roles can vary widely from organization to organization, when applying for these jobs one really needs to understand the roles they may be asked to do. In the world of quantity surveying you will be asked to not only be a “jack of all trades” but also a master of all of them as well. In one day you may be tasked with discovering the tax “loopholes” for a project and then later in that same day, you could be watching over the safety coordination and planning. To be prepared for this type of working environment you will need to be experienced in the construction field,disciplined, and highly versatile.

A quantity surveyor can expect an average pay scale of around 55 thousand dollars but some jobs could reach the 100 thousand dollar a year range. There are also many packages with lucrative side benefits, such as tax free pay, great health care, and vacation packages. You can expect to travel greatly in your new role as this is a must for any quantity surveyor.


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