Unknown Facts About Burr King Model

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Belt sanders are used to remove small amounts of material from things such as wood, plastic and even metal. This is to create a smooth surface with which to work on, and to perfect the surface for painting and such. Although similar, it is very different to pedestal grinders. A pedestal grinder has solid grinding wheels whilst the belt sander uses a flexible belt containing a grinding medium. The reason why belt sanders are preferred over pedestal grinders is that soft metals such as copper, brass and aluminum can be ground without causing any damage to the disk or sanding belt.Visit burr king model for more details.

Vertical belt sanders come in two different types – those with ventilation systems, and those without. Both use a continuous revolving belt with a wide variety of belt widths that spin on two vertically positioned drums. One is stationary whilst the other is adjustable for belt tension. Both types of vertical belt sanders are very handy because they can grind small amounts of material from edges. The vertical version can be mounted on a pedestal and also a table if need be. There are also hand held belt sanders which are wonderful for the initial phases of a rough sanding job. Hand held sanders are very convenient to use because they normally come with different speeds with which to adjust the levels of sanding.

When using a belt sander, it is important that you have a good exhaust system or dust collector nearby. Proper ventilation is also essential, and remember that the dust from a sander can be a fire of explosion threat. Never cover the air vents of your sander, and ensure you wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from loose dust. The important thing in the belt sander is the location of speed control. It should not be in back side of the machine as it would take time to switch it off immediately. Basically there are two types of sanders inline and transverse sanders and each one of them is balanced differently. As the drive pulleys of the transverse sanders are off to one side many person find these machines to be unbalanced.


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